47.22 Carat fancy intense yellow-VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond. This 47.22 carat loose diamond features Radiant Cut shape and a Very Good cut. This diamond has been certified by GIA diamond laboratory as YELLOW color and clarity grade of VS2. Additional loose diamond details: diamond table size: 70.00; diamond girdle: Very Thick; faceted diamond measurements: 20.18 19.75 12.59; diamond polish: EX; diamond symmetry: VG; diamond culet: N; diamond fluorescence; Faint. James Allen loose diamond Product ID: 940864-US. See an actual photograph of this certified 47.22 carat Very Good cut diamond. aka yellow diamond engagement rings, fancy yellow diamonds, canary yellow diamonds

47.22ct Fancy Yellow-Color VS2-Clarity GIA Radiant Diamond VG-Symmetry EX-Polish


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